Blog on Blog off

Well here I go, first blog, first post. Of course I’ve read many a blog, but have never quite got round to setting up my own. But now on the 1st of October, I figured that after pinching and punching I might as well get blogging. Forget new year’s resolutions, the short cold days of autumn seem like the perfect time to set up a blog.

I have to say, though, I hate the word ‘blog’ (and I’ve used it so many times already in that tiny first paragraph!) and I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve not forayed into this wordpress world before. Thinking about this got me wondering who the first bloggers were and what their online diaries looked like. So looking into ‘pioneer bloggers’ I was interested by

Justin Hall’s non-linear life story (nicely structurde but could be (a lot) easier on the eye)

Jerry Pournelle’s advice on how to be a writer

I found a bunch of other blogs too, but I’m afraid I came to the conclusion, after this research, that most of the founding fathers don’t have the greatest blogs now. I guess it proves that first doesn’t always equal best.

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One Response to Blog on Blog off

  1. Angie aka The Little Mumma says:

    Oh Jessica, this made me laugh because my first post expressed a similar sentiment about the word ‘blog’ – terrible word and a definite deterrent initially. I got over it. Hope you do too.

    Meanwhile, you’re outrageously beautiful and string a mean sentence together. God clearly LOVES you. 😉

    Good luck blogging! (Ugh, no, I’m still not completely over it……)

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